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The Champions: Season 5, Episode 1

  • Publicado em 25 Abr 2021
  • Lionel Messi is having trouble sleeping at Barcelona.
    Maybe it’s time to try another club?
    The next episode will drop on Monday, 3 May 2021, at 5 p.m. ET.
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Comentários • 4 851

  • Marin Pirović
    Marin Pirović Anos atrás +5150

    The references are amazing. Messi saying he wants a team around him and Neymar immediately standing in his shadow hahahahahha

    • Ohh
      Ohh 4 meses atrás

      @Bob Ross’s Dad lol yeah you know what messi wants

    • Alehlete
      Alehlete 4 meses atrás

      old bed i nargentina

    • Ritik Singh Rajput
      Ritik Singh Rajput 4 meses atrás +1

      @Manoso52 only messi fanboi thinks that...everyone gives return pass to him he can only play in that type of system

    • Abdullah Adam
      Abdullah Adam Anos atrás

      Neymar lived with messi shadow not messi lived with Neymar shadow
      Messi helped Barcelona a lot if the square Barcelona club player weak. That means messi wants a team around him if he has strong players a round him he take this part

    • Abdullah Adam
      Abdullah Adam Anos atrás

      Neymar lived with messi shadow

  • Oluyinka Ogunnaike
    Oluyinka Ogunnaike Anos atrás +1606

    Who else saw Ederson save the guitar from falling😂

    • Joao Muchanga
      Joao Muchanga 16 dias atrás


    • Adrian Jimenez
      Adrian Jimenez 8 meses atrás

      @Eavy Eavy not difficult to see you try to gain attention. Cry more

    • Tsitsi
      Tsitsi 11 meses atrás

      @Edwin rrBonilla hello

    • Edwin rrBonilla
      Edwin rrBonilla 11 meses atrás

      @Tsitsi 🍇

    • Tsitsi
      Tsitsi Anos atrás


  • Eugene
    Eugene Anos atrás +805

    De Bruyne being there to "assist" just in case they need anything was genius

  • Richard Hart
    Richard Hart Anos atrás +2778

    “Hey you Hungry?”
    “No actually I just..”

    • Tsitsi
      Tsitsi 11 meses atrás

      @Edwin rrBonilla 🍍

    • Edwin rrBonilla
      Edwin rrBonilla 11 meses atrás

      @Tsitsi 🍉

    • Tsitsi
      Tsitsi Anos atrás


    • Michael Mendez
      Michael Mendez Anos atrás

      Messi’s pillows has the barcelona flag colors

    • AhmadReza Jafary
      AhmadReza Jafary Anos atrás


  • Cuber 21
    Cuber 21 Anos atrás +524

    I like how Messi was walking alone looking very sad around portraits of key players who left Barcelona.

    • Huy izii
      Huy izii Anos atrás +1

      @Ramon Sanchez left side is Michael Laudrup

    • Sherry Wang
      Sherry Wang Anos atrás


    • Joey Barber
      Joey Barber Anos atrás +6

      @Ramon Sanchez Right side is Luis Figo, left side I'm not sure.

    • Ramon Sanchez
      Ramon Sanchez Anos atrás +2

      Who are the first two portraits I couldn’t get see it clearly

    • Joey Barber
      Joey Barber Anos atrás +8

      Eto'o in the Inter Shirt was gold

  • Jxrdan Music 268
    Jxrdan Music 268 Anos atrás +3154

    Everything the writers do in this show is extremely calculated. This should be longer and on netflix

    • Это Не
      Это Не Anos atrás

      Just make it longer no need to move it to Netflix

      AKAAL PLAYS Anos atrás


    • Malik
      Malik Anos atrás


    • Heide mb
      Heide mb Anos atrás

      Right 💯

    • Katriel Rama Silaban
      Katriel Rama Silaban Anos atrás

      @Sadik Shire yes I agree. I dont want to pay netflix just for watching this movie. I want it for free just like this

  • Thatkirtguy44
    Thatkirtguy44 Anos atrás +160

    The PSG part aged SOOO WELL

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez Anos atrás +23

    Who is here after Messi agrees, in principle, to sign with PSG.

  • James Mantil
    James Mantil Anos atrás +26

    I loved PSG's one. Pochettino as the stepdad trying to bond with the older son, Mbappe as the little sibling trying to say hi to all his older brother's cool friends.

  • Dennis Tinga
    Dennis Tinga Anos atrás +22

    The detail is impeccable and the humor I can't even begin to comment... Good job guys utterly refreshing.

  • Yky 92:48
    Yky 92:48 Anos atrás +2533

    I love how flick was only there to banter messi while everyone was trying to sign him

    • Omar Mohamed
      Omar Mohamed 3 meses atrás

      @Terg ohhhh ok thanks

    • Terg
      Terg 3 meses atrás

      @Omar Mohamed he quit but they fired him after hearing he was going to quit, basically, you cant quit i fired you

    • Terg
      Terg 4 meses atrás

      @Omar Mohamed no he didnt, he left for germany lol

    • Atik Setyorini
      Atik Setyorini 6 meses atrás


    • messah nemra
      messah nemra Anos atrás


  • Voko Liboma
    Voko Liboma Anos atrás +51

    Ironic how Aguero failed to play with Messi and Neymar will forever be in his shadow lol

    • AirKangLocker
      AirKangLocker Anos atrás +1

      Its time for neymar to leave the farmer's league lol

  • Pradeep Kg
    Pradeep Kg Anos atrás +26

    Now after he left this feels heartbreaking

  • Daliso
    Daliso Anos atrás +13

    Love how Ronaldo woke up and instantly rolled right into a tanning bed 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shirwac Ali
    Shirwac Ali Anos atrás +4

    0:13 Jose wasn’t the youngest manager to ever to win the European Cup, he was 41 when he won it with Porto. The youngest manager was Pep who was 38 when he won it with Barcelona in 2009.

  • Hanna Afesa
    Hanna Afesa Anos atrás +5118

    Pep Guardiola ordering food: "Agueroooooooo" 🤣 Genius

  • Ayoub EL ALAOUI
    Ayoub EL ALAOUI Anos atrás +1

    It's very smart accurate and above all funny 😄 ... the part when Neymar moves out of Messi's shadow is just GENIUS 👏🏻

  • chris9879
    chris9879 Anos atrás +23

    Brfootball predicting the future in some way. Madness.

  • gibbo lobbolo
    gibbo lobbolo Anos atrás +2

    This episode is sooooo clever, the references are spot on. Keep up the good work!

  • Mickael Ramos
    Mickael Ramos Anos atrás +15

    This hits different now that Messi has left Barcelona

  • Liam Powell
    Liam Powell Anos atrás +3811

    That Neymar moving out of Messi’s shadow moment was genius

    • Edwin rrBonilla
      Edwin rrBonilla 11 meses atrás

      @Kousallia T 🍒

    • Kousallia T
      Kousallia T Anos atrás

      He's back.

      AKAAL PLAYS Anos atrás


    • S710
      S710 Anos atrás

      Now he is suffering!

    • Shegeloaf
      Shegeloaf Anos atrás

      Oh yeah 5:50 i realised neymar was in messis shadow. 😃
      This skits are riddled with nuggets of information

  • Josh Hope
    Josh Hope Anos atrás +20

    Whoever knew that before the episode ends that Messi was with Neymar in PSG and now that there's reports about him signing a contract to go and reunite with Neymar in PSG from after their times together at Barcelona!!! This pretty much confirmed Messi to PSG before now!!!

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa Anos atrás +198

    Guess Messi has decided which club bed he'll be sleeping in for the next 2 years.

  • Dogukan D. Taylanli
    Dogukan D. Taylanli Anos atrás +2

    This series is the best thing that ever happened to the world of football!

  • Chris_breezy
    Chris_breezy Anos atrás +17

    Anyone catch 2:56 from Pep yelling “Agueroooo!!”? When Aguero scored that last minute goal to win City the league lol that was gold

  • Илия Макаров
    Илия Макаров Anos atrás +1534

    Been watching since S1. This is getting better and better. Brilliant writing, spot-on refferences, perfect humour - funny, satirical but not too harsh or offensive. The creators deserve much more attention for their work.

      GAMER TEN Anos atrás

      @Mav L .

    • Mav L
      Mav L Anos atrás

      442oons are made in a crude way, making up ooc plots and offensive jokes which is fairly against the definition of ''humour''.

    • Sports Fan 2000
      Sports Fan 2000 Anos atrás

      @Muhammad Saad I actually like both series is that ok?

    • I want AOC to step on my neck, but
      I want AOC to step on my neck, but Anos atrás

      iirc s3 and s1 had the Malamut Brothers from Game of Zones as writers. This is the first season without them which is any good imo

    • Jay Witt
      Jay Witt Anos atrás

      Davies sleeping in a Red Barchetta.

  • Captain Potla
    Captain Potla Anos atrás +3

    This is a MASTERPIECE!!!

  • Frags
    Frags Anos atrás +76

    This literally sums up the current situation.

    • Raungel Marlance
      Raungel Marlance Anos atrás +4

      It seems that Messi is comfortable to sleep at PSG's bed

  • clarence chiteka
    clarence chiteka Anos atrás

    You guys are just waaaaayyy too good. Is it legal to even be this good 😂

  • Àlex Pereira
    Àlex Pereira Anos atrás +1

    Congrats guys! Best episode of the 5 seasons so far. Hope to see this level for a long

  • Ben099
    Ben099 Anos atrás +2451

    neymar standing behind messi’s shadow had me in tears 😂😂

  • Asser Reda
    Asser Reda Anos atrás +1

    Wow! One of the best episodes of The Champions. Just WOW! 🤩

  • Te Moana Johns
    Te Moana Johns 9 meses atrás

    That "I'd 8-2 think you're having trouble sleeping Leo!" by Hansi gets me every time!

  • Kaan Doğa Atak
    Kaan Doğa Atak Anos atrás +11

    He remembered the good old times he and Neymar had together.

  • 🌟Desire Ogbeh
    🌟Desire Ogbeh Anos atrás +2

    4:56 Neymar leaving Messi's shadow was hilarious 😂😂

  • Duck On Quac
    Duck On Quac Anos atrás +1833

    No one’s talking about the “Manchester City crowd sounds” that was hysterical 😂😂

      AKAAL PLAYS Anos atrás


    • Varun Kulshrestha
      Varun Kulshrestha Anos atrás

      @A A well it means they dont have any fans that's why the silence!

    • Varun Kulshrestha
      Varun Kulshrestha Anos atrás

      @A A and ur a Manchester United fan!? Smh..

    • A A
      A A Anos atrás

      i didn't get the joke

    • Varun Kulshrestha
      Varun Kulshrestha Anos atrás

      @Rishabh well i m 28 supporting united since i was 5 what age you started even watching football? Forget city being at the realm since like 2015 i guess.. yea so kiddo i am eagerly waiting for you to reply

  • LitaElera
    LitaElera Anos atrás

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I may have laughed even more hysterically than Messi's ball puppet! How do they do to be so GOOD?! Aguëro hurting himself (again) and the Manchester City fans' chants as sound to fall asleep killed me, but Neymar and Messi's shadow finished me! 🤣

  • Rahn1908
    Rahn1908 Anos atrás

    This series is gold! I just spent 2 hours watching all the seasons, now what am I going to do?..

  • Joseph Bouche
    Joseph Bouche Anos atrás +1

    Well, bingewatching all seasons today, to this point it's evident, that the series at its best when its centered around one character. Messi is so much fun here XDDD

  • Jones
    Jones Anos atrás +1

    This never get old😂😂😂

  • Ashwin Sarathi
    Ashwin Sarathi Anos atrás +3555

    Pedri with dark circles under his eyes is just genius from B/R. The kid actually needs a break lmfao

      AKAAL PLAYS Anos atrás


    • Orisha
      Orisha Anos atrás

      @Christian means he laughs at the idea of going back to Argentina to play

    • Ali Abbas
      Ali Abbas Anos atrás

      @Christian old Argentina bed refers to the Newell's old boys not the Argentina national team... why would he leave a club to join his national team?? Imean he i still playing for the Argentina he can only ho to his childhood club if he leaves barca....

    • OMAR
      OMAR Anos atrás

      the solution to this problem is a young talented midfielder named Riqui the other problem is a fat dutchman named Koeman

    • Albert Osei
      Albert Osei Anos atrás

      @Luan Thanh :3
      Riqui Puig could have replaced him..he is a better option than moriba but our coach for whatever reason doesn't like to use Puig. I feel sad for that Riqui kid...most barca fans are getting pissed at how Koeman is treating Puig.

  • No U
    No U Anos atrás +69

    “I’ll leave you with some soothing crowd sounds to help you sleep” *Man City crowd noise* TOOK ME OUT 😂😂

    • Eavy Eavy
      Eavy Eavy Anos atrás

      City has been in league for 100 years. Just like other founder who breakout from a league with 100 years of history *cough* anyone who form EPL

  • Ojinson
    Ojinson Anos atrás +51

    The "AguerooOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH" kills me everytime Ahaha

  • Jess
    Jess Anos atrás +1

    Haha this episode is literally about king Messi 😀. I'm loving it hahaha😂

  • Shashank
    Shashank Anos atrás

    The Neymar in Messi's shadow actually got me laughing XD

  • Cheikh Houzi
    Cheikh Houzi Anos atrás +3823

    The Best part is "Agueeeeeroooo"
    Then Aguero gets injured when moving out 😂. Genius

    • Edwin rrBonilla
      Edwin rrBonilla 11 meses atrás

      @kun aguero 🍈

      AKAAL PLAYS Anos atrás


    • kun aguero
      kun aguero Anos atrás

      And kevin beeing there to assist and pep helping messi to sleep by turning on man city crowd sounds pure genious 😂

    • Marcel Baje
      Marcel Baje Anos atrás +1

      i love it, its so funny hahahah

    • Joe K
      Joe K Anos atrás


  • kaduh_brabo
    kaduh_brabo Anos atrás

    Só faltou ser dublado em português ou ter legenda muito bom parabéns

  • AxtheRAP HHlife
    AxtheRAP HHlife Anos atrás +2

    Whoever wrote the script is hands down a hero without a cape, I believe in you! 🐐

  • Daniel Aboumrad
    Daniel Aboumrad Anos atrás +272

    I guess he ended up liking PSG's bed😂

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni Anos atrás

    Neymar's in the shadows had me laughing whole time to to the end of 😂😂

  • Rishi
    Rishi Anos atrás +2455

    *The fact that u let Messi's ball talk is genius*

    • Gmo too wavy
      Gmo too wavy 4 meses atrás

      @Giddy nahhhhh that’s actually fire I thought he was just going insane

    • Ohh
      Ohh 4 meses atrás

      @Giddy Exactly 😂 like when he is dejected in big games he doesn't want to touch the ball.

    • Usman Shakeel
      Usman Shakeel Anos atrás +1

      His second personality in the pitch is the ball

    • Voetbalnoortje
      Voetbalnoortje Anos atrás +1

      Now I finally understand why hahahah

    • Fisseha
      Fisseha Anos atrás +2

      Yup messi is shy can't stand up for himself

  • Real War6
    Real War6 Anos atrás

    Neymar's in the shadows had me laughing whole time to to the end of 😂😂

  • Vinz Ramirez
    Vinz Ramirez Anos atrás +6

    lol who else is here after Messi has finally moved to Paris? 😂

  • David Yoder
    David Yoder 7 meses atrás

    “You come at the king, you better not miss”
    Probably one of the best intros yet😂

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Anos atrás

    Might be one of the best overall Epsodes ever!
    Well done guys!

  • santiago diez
    santiago diez Anos atrás +913

    "We tried removing stress elements" - Crossing the eight and the two out of the clock....
    It killed me 😂😂😂

  • Yash Good
    Yash Good Anos atrás +1

    4:57 Messi's shadow covering Neymar just brilliant hahahahaha

  • Filip Dzhakerski
    Filip Dzhakerski Anos atrás

    Haven't had a laugh this good in a long time :D

  • Oluwatoyin Aliu
    Oluwatoyin Aliu Anos atrás


  • Gustavo - Kun
    Gustavo - Kun Anos atrás +49

    Since Dani Alves came to Brazil, no one at Europe talked about him... :(

  • Gemma Fitzpatrick
    Gemma Fitzpatrick Anos atrás +3181

    Messi: “Why do I have to carry you everywhere?”
    Griezmann: “I can carry you!”

  • timmyfung01
    timmyfung01 Anos atrás

    I laughed so bad when Pep put Man City crowd sound on to try to make Messi sleep.... this show is genius.

  • Skand Swami
    Skand Swami Anos atrás +1

    That's exactly how Messi is to me - getting people fired, passive-aggressive, and always finding a way to run from blames.
    Doesn't say much, but wants to be treated like a god.

  • Muhammad Ansaar khan
    Muhammad Ansaar khan Anos atrás +18

    Okay we need a Netflix series of this now 5 minutes ain’t enough

  • Kiran Khanal Leo
    Kiran Khanal Leo Anos atrás +1

    The best episode ever made😂

  • Poojan Virani
    Poojan Virani Anos atrás +1422

    Lets be honest , we all smiled when Messi said , "YOU COME AT THE KING YOU BETTER NOT MISS"

  • Roni Dre
    Roni Dre 4 meses atrás

    Every time Messi's football speaks 😂😂😂 It's savage

  • Safwaan Burgs
    Safwaan Burgs Anos atrás

    Love how Neymar was in Messi shadow in the end 😂

  • SkyMan XD
    SkyMan XD Anos atrás +23

    4:57 Neymar once again in Messi’s Shadow😂

  • Agozde Da Costa
    Agozde Da Costa Anos atrás

    B/R Football just took things to a whole new level!. Everything spot on mate...

  • BigMcKennie
    BigMcKennie Anos atrás +2089

    Pedri: Wake up Messi, wake up!
    Ansu Fati: Yeah, take us to breakfast!
    Messi: Why do I have to carry you everywhere?

    • Din bachok
      Din bachok Anos atrás +4

      As a barca fan i'm proud that teens at barca are getting attention lol. Funny as hell tho.

    • Santhosh R
      Santhosh R Anos atrás +5

      @papadan and you sire...are a B Tech Bartomeu

    • tetsuya naito
      tetsuya naito Anos atrás


    • Neidy del Barça
      Neidy del Barça Anos atrás


    • BigMcKennie
      BigMcKennie Anos atrás

      @Anipaptions he didn’t speak

  • lil 17bruh
    lil 17bruh Anos atrás

    Neymar moving out of Messi's shadow was pure genius move. This is the smartest episode I've seen yet

  • Don Carlo Ancelotti
    Don Carlo Ancelotti Anos atrás +2

    Pep's entire process just to make Messi comfortable is a whole take on his overthinking masterclass in big games.
    Bald Fraud inbound 😂

  • Vinz Ramirez
    Vinz Ramirez Anos atrás +12

    2:10 AND HE DID! He's now sleeping well starting tonight in PARIS
    August 2021 Update

  • Michal
    Michal Anos atrás

    The best comment about the situation with Messi xD
    Season 4 wasn't so good, but after this episode, I cannot wait for more in this season :D

  • Marianita MR
    Marianita MR Anos atrás +2017

    "You think it's all about the money?!
    Well, it is a little bit abt the money"
    Perfectly accurate

    • Ko Htet
      Ko Htet Anos atrás

      @Marianita MR well actually he didn't go PSG for money he go for neymar and barca can't sign him do to laliga rules bso he can't do anything about it

    • Marianita MR
      Marianita MR Anos atrás

      @snappiepappie Brooo, that did not age well at all

    • snappiepappie
      snappiepappie Anos atrás +1

      Well, he just proved all of you wrong. Signed with Barcelona for half his paycheck oefff

      AKAAL PLAYS Anos atrás


    • oliver izzard
      oliver izzard Anos atrás +1

      So was the “I just want to be a team player ... in a team ... entirely built around me” and neymar's reaction.
      Nothing sums up the situation better.

  • Shashidhar Prabhu
    Shashidhar Prabhu Anos atrás +3

    Who else noticed Neymar snuck out of Messi's shadow at 4:58? 😂😂

  • Bethebest music Group
    Bethebest music Group Anos atrás +2

    Samuel eto’o at 2:03 when guardiola said just like old times classic 😂😂


    Aww I think this is Messi episode
    Pure genius 😁🔥

  • Hisham A
    Hisham A 4 meses atrás

    The puppet thing perfectly represents Messi. Hes the type of guy who wants his fans to speak up for him instead of speaking on his own. Its a totally introverted behavior and Messi has been practicing it forever.

  • Nate Thompson
    Nate Thompson Anos atrás +2467

    Who else has been waiting for this

      AKAAL PLAYS Anos atrás


    • WayToo Cool
      WayToo Cool Anos atrás

      Definitely everyone who's watching it

    • tetsuya naito
      tetsuya naito Anos atrás


    • Neidy del Barça
      Neidy del Barça Anos atrás


    • EM10
      EM10 Anos atrás

      @Peter Zelinsky And what is 442oons and why are you watching this then?

  • nrspinelli
    nrspinelli Anos atrás +2

    the joke is funny but what he really wants isnt a team built around him, but rather a team that recognizes his value

  • Naruto47
    Naruto47 Anos atrás +12

    Who is here after Barcelona announced that Messi leaves the club?😭😭😭😭😭

  • Miłosz Kluski
    Miłosz Kluski Anos atrás +1

    Can't wait for new season when The Champions will cover Messi's new groove.

  • Ryan Carey
    Ryan Carey Anos atrás

    This episode is a masterpiece

  • Bernard Nyarko
    Bernard Nyarko Anos atrás +699

    I almost missed De Bruyne assisting Pep with the guitar 😂😂😂

    • Polish_Dude23
      Polish_Dude23 Anos atrás +1


    • blackbirdmenace
      blackbirdmenace Anos atrás +9

      my fav one was when pep calls aguero

    • The Happy Loaf
      The Happy Loaf Anos atrás +30

      And Ederson catching it

    • Katlego Tjeane
      Katlego Tjeane Anos atrás +5

      @Grijsman ya wow, didn't even realize

    • Grijsman ya
      Grijsman ya Anos atrás +52

      And then him playing a false note, a wierd tactic, getting him out of champions league

  • Miłosz Kluski
    Miłosz Kluski Anos atrás +5

    4:45 And Pochettino asked Messi what he actually wants and that was a good decision.

  • Heart Engineer 69
    Heart Engineer 69 Anos atrás

    That's very funny 😄😄🤣 #Messi❤️

  • Namhang Limbu77
    Namhang Limbu77 Anos atrás

    The jokes are really clever and funny too 😂loved it

  • Lucas Demirel
    Lucas Demirel Anos atrás +1

    The Neymar in Messi’s shadow at the end, these guys don’t miss.

  • Shabab Khan
    Shabab Khan Anos atrás +909

    The part where Neymar moves out of Messi’s shadow was hilarious

    • Michal Lata
      Michal Lata Anos atrás

      Exactly 😂

      AKAAL PLAYS Anos atrás


      ANIME NERDO Anos atrás


    • Samson Fikadu
      Samson Fikadu Anos atrás +1

      Neymar's depiction is sort of accurate.

    • Nathan 22
      Nathan 22 Anos atrás +1

      Yeah that was genius 😂😂

  • kicking it with Vix
    kicking it with Vix Anos atrás

    Aguero getting hurt by the food thingy shows how easily and frequently he has injuries GENIUS 👌👌👌

  • Matthew Folefac
    Matthew Folefac Anos atrás +1

    Anyone notice Neymar getting out of Messi's shadow at 4:54? Epic stuff, applauds to the writers

  • Muwonge Ronnie
    Muwonge Ronnie Anos atrás +1

    Indeed The Aguéroooo😁 part, Ederson saves the guitar, Pep's character, are really funny😂😂

  • Lawrence Ma
    Lawrence Ma 10 meses atrás +2

    "Ever since Suarez came to Athletico he sleeps like a *teething* baby!" 😂

  • Phenolpthalein_
    Phenolpthalein_ Anos atrás +753

    BR FOOTBALL literally took the idea of "messi don't talk too much,his football speaks for itself" lmaoo xD

    • heywutsgoinon
      heywutsgoinon Anos atrás +34

      When you start getting the jokes 5 seasons late...

    • David Valencia
      David Valencia Anos atrás +15

      In season 1 Messi says he lets his football speak for him.

  • tarün
    tarün Anos atrás +5

    Imagine the scenes in the PSG episode next season

  • Francesco Scamardella
    Francesco Scamardella Anos atrás

    The shadow of Messi that covers Neymar. Genius!

  • Grant.b
    Grant.b 4 meses atrás +1

    It's a big mistake that i finally discover this cartoon show now.I mean,it's very funny😂!like when Pep says Agueroooooooooooo!!also i never knew so many managers wanted Messi in their clubs😇

  • Im_Still_Here
    Im_Still_Here Anos atrás +1

    The decline of Barca from the first few seasons to now... Is Sad but Pure Gold to watch