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Inside Romelu Lukaku's House: Take a Tour of Manchester United Striker's Pad with Taylor Rooks

  • Publicado em 5 Mar 2019
  • Manchester United's Romelu Lukaku let Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks take a tour of his Greater Manchester house. What do you think?
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  • Alice W
    Alice W Anos atrás +12

    I really like this man. Such a good football player, but above that a really nice and empathic person, the way he acted after C Eriksens cardiac arrest and the way he is on the pitch, a real sportsman and what looks to me, without that huge ego, that a lot of other great players seems to have.

  • M
    M 3 anos atrás +25

    The house design has some really nice touches. If only Rom’s first touch could be as good as his designers

    • T. S
      T. S 2 meses atrás


    • SIUUUU
      SIUUUU 2 meses atrás


    SOMOS PRO 7 meses atrás +5

    A história de Lukaku é muito bonita, um cara muito humilde que deu a volta por cima e continuou com a sua humildade. Um exemplo a ser seguido!
    Mermão, que mulher gata entrevistando ele.
    Eu no lugar dele ia se perder toda hora na entrevista hahahah

  • Aaron Yong
    Aaron Yong 3 anos atrás +5

    Appreciate this video, very rarely we get a window into Lukaku's life

  • Dots
    Dots 3 anos atrás +290

    Rom got 99 composure during this interview. More tension than a pen to win the Champions League.

  • AKG
    AKG 3 anos atrás

    I personally think lukaku has the perfect combination of pace and physicality which is very rare in football players especially tall ones

  • Radim Mynář
    Radim Mynář 2 anos atrás +2

    he is fantastic guy, one of my favourite player. Hope his career will grow up yet.

  • Rost 7.0.7
    Rost 7.0.7 3 anos atrás +1205

    Oh no, last time he did an interview with her he went like 3 months without a goal

  • Christopher Rashford
    Christopher Rashford 3 anos atrás +3

    More house tour, always love to see player's house

  • Ulrich Business
    Ulrich Business 2 anos atrás +44

    This man is humble asf

  • rloyal93
    rloyal93 3 anos atrás +5

    big respect for this man, he look a very good person

  • Adbeel Lopez
    Adbeel Lopez 3 anos atrás +5

    His laugh at the end 😂😂

  • Faruk Saad
    Faruk Saad 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku is a very cool and nice person and he is a Legend.

  • WDJS22
    WDJS22 3 anos atrás

    It surprises me how reserved he is, I thought he was more out there

  • Mensah Mbro
    Mensah Mbro 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku is such a nice God fearing dude...love you Rom

  • My Ztartup Journey
    My Ztartup Journey  Anos atrás +1

    Most People in Belgium speak 4 languages French, Dutch, German and English. His father is Congolese and speaks Lingala and Swahili so i imagine he has to communicate with his dad in his native language and i guess he also speaks Italian where he now lives

    PATUNI J 3 anos atrás +3

    Lukaku speaks like a real man/beast 😂😂😁😁

  • Mr.A
    Mr.A 3 anos atrás +3429

    He picks Real Madrid in FIFA and nobody is talking about it.

    • Amanda Fernandes
      Amanda Fernandes Anos atrás

      @Diggen Cash now he is. honesstly, if he went to RM or Barcelona right now he'd be the start there hhahahha

    • b0nkie sp0nkie
      b0nkie sp0nkie Anos atrás

      @Diggen Cash lol now hes gone to the european champions and the team that knocked madrid out the ucl 😂

    • Anton poulsen
      Anton poulsen Anos atrás +1

      @Diggen Cash u still think that? Haha

    • Real Talk Man
      Real Talk Man Anos atrás +2

      @NLS * Gftf out here.

    • Gotjero
      Gotjero Anos atrás +2

      @Yelisey_24 jokes on you hes now one of the best in the world

  • reddevilkev
    reddevilkev 3 anos atrás

    He scored this time with his first touch

  • x alpha o
    x alpha o 2 anos atrás

    He's so talented

    KAZE SUCKS 3 3 anos atrás +7

    Imagine having a cinema and not going inside it often😂😂😂

  • yungclaudreazy
    yungclaudreazy 2 anos atrás +10

    1:03 the way he said yes😂😂😂

  • Kasongo Nkhoma
    Kasongo Nkhoma 3 anos atrás

    Smashed it to the core! Man Like Rom!

  • Dania A
    Dania A 2 anos atrás +338

    lets not ignore the fact that we're more interested in the interviewer than lukaku lool

    • Mugume Drake
      Mugume Drake Anos atrás

      You and who? Get some sense 😉

    • imro kwasiba
      imro kwasiba Anos atrás +2

      @Miquel Biggs maybe her best weapon !

    • Miquel Biggs
      Miquel Biggs Anos atrás +2

      @imro kwasiba she did her breast

    • Joshua Ambroise
      Joshua Ambroise Anos atrás +5

      She s godanm fine man

    • Papjin
      Papjin Anos atrás

      I was also taken up on that one

  • Văn Anh
    Văn Anh Anos atrás +1

    7 languages? Holy shit . It 's so impressive . I wish i could speak 7 languages like him . Oh yeah it's just a dream

  • 6Lilies6Phillies
    6Lilies6Phillies 3 anos atrás

    His Team of The Week Card (88 rated) is the best striker on FIFA FUT 19. He’s a fucking beast!

  • Vincenzo Str
    Vincenzo Str 3 anos atrás +1

    Lukaku of course he speaks french and dutch fluently because these are official languages in Belgium

  • Vaisakh PS
    Vaisakh PS 2 anos atrás +6

    "once Jesse lingard came to play" the rest is history

    ICE CUBE 3 anos atrás +101

    1:06 The way she looked at him when she said "very impressive". We all know that look😂💯

  • diyaro
    diyaro 3 anos atrás +22

    “No because I haven’t been here in a while“ lmao what a guy 😂

  • Nkosana Sog
    Nkosana Sog 3 anos atrás

    As big as that main entrance is, I'm sure my man misses it.

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire 2 anos atrás +56

    “Teammates of mine have bigger ones”
    That’s wrong on so many levels ...

  • Roo Dezmond
    Roo Dezmond 2 anos atrás +78

    Is no body gonna talk about how he can speak 7 Languages!!!

    • Gilles Yelebala Ezoula
      Gilles Yelebala Ezoula 2 anos atrás +11

      Roo Dezmond now it’s 9 , he added Italian and one more language, he is really smart in real life

  • TKS
    TKS 3 anos atrás +908

    7 Languages? Holy shite that's impressive

    • Jack the Ripper
      Jack the Ripper Anos atrás

      I speak 3 and thought that was impressive lol

    • Eric Imani
      Eric Imani Anos atrás

      @Matthieu Demeure TGP when we see her mother she doesn't looks like european mother.
      he's congolese with Belgium I.D card and me too.....

    • Eric Imani
      Eric Imani Anos atrás

      @Ballsdeepinglory lol no , he's congolese . his parents are both african. He just have an identity card where is written belgium.

    • Frank W
      Frank W Anos atrás

      @W.T. S He is Belgian. And Belgians are in general quite good in languages. As they have Dutch, French & German regions in their country.

    • sarkaniemi
      sarkaniemi Anos atrás

      That's impressive? Wait till you see his ball skills, his speed, his physical ability, and what he can do on the field!

  • S R
    S R 3 anos atrás +2844

    See's a pool table in a room: "Is this the pool room?" NO. IT'S THE TOILET. YOU BLIND BAT.

  • Frenkie De Jong
    Frenkie De Jong 3 anos atrás +3

    Lukaku you are an good player bro. see you in Champions leugue 💪❤

  • Isabelle El khoudri
    Isabelle El khoudri 2 anos atrás

    Did you see his hand on ping pong? An athlete will always be an athlete.

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 3 anos atrás

    Big Rom living the life.

  • Stefa
    Stefa 3 anos atrás +1

    Lukaku,my idol ✊

  • I Willn’t Upload
    I Willn’t Upload 2 anos atrás

    Lukaku has a GODLY house

  • Martin
    Martin Anos atrás

    Great player. Big, but too agile.

  • Sony Droid
    Sony Droid 3 anos atrás

    Voice goes all high pitch and excited when asked if he would have liked to have played for Sir Alex!! 👍👍😂😂👏👏👍👍

  • Abdul Razak
    Abdul Razak Anos atrás

    when you're living a fancy life you're like this but when you go out there(inter Milan) you become hell

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan 2 anos atrás

    Lukaku is so underrated

  • ChadGreaves
    ChadGreaves 3 anos atrás +249

    Lukaku: In FIFA I play with Real Madrid.
    Perez: Ohh....tell me more!

    • Ilijan Smokovski
      Ilijan Smokovski Anos atrás +1

      @Jack Mitchell Suits you well, he's way better than Martial rn. Rashford isn't enough

    • named
      named 2 anos atrás


    • Florian Zafari
      Florian Zafari 2 anos atrás +4

      @Rost 7.0.7 Lukaku is really good, seems like you dont now anything about him

    • Jack Mitchell
      Jack Mitchell 3 anos atrás +4

      More like
      Ole: tell me more
      We need him out

    • Rost 7.0.7
      Rost 7.0.7 3 anos atrás +7

      Chad Greaves Perez won’t buy him, Zidane isn’t dumb like that bus driver

  • Dennis Danquah
    Dennis Danquah 2 anos atrás

    He is one of greatest black striker I love him because he very humble and strong player

  • Nikita Paranin
    Nikita Paranin 3 anos atrás +1

    - So, this is my double to PSG
    - Lukaku, we are recording house tour

  • iZZiTV
    iZZiTV 3 anos atrás +2534

    Wow. Can speak 7 language. Impressive

    • N’s world
      N’s world Anos atrás


    • .
      . Anos atrás

      none of them too well though

    • Vibe Dude
      Vibe Dude Anos atrás

      if you from belgium thats normal

    • swansmeister
      swansmeister Anos atrás

      Not al fluidly ofc. I speak and write 4 fluidly but also speak a little spanish, Russian, Italian but not enough to say I speak 7 languages and neither does he.

    • Real Talk Man
      Real Talk Man Anos atrás +1

      @Schuertang He’s fluent in Dutch and French because he was born in Antwerp where Néerlandese and Dutch are spoken,French and Lingala because his parents are from the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO 🇨🇩 they speak those languages.
      He speaks English as well,so Knowing that French is the major language if you can speak it,Spanish,Portuguese,Italiano might be less difficult when you willing to learn them.
      So I’m not surprise for that,as myself I do speak also 7 languages.

  • robert valli
    robert valli Anos atrás

    Very likable guy awesome footballer

  • 92izi KLM
    92izi KLM 3 anos atrás

    King LUKAKU 💪🏾💪🏾🤴🏾

  • daquan94
    daquan94 3 anos atrás

    There’s no way I’d be flashing off my home if I was loaded

  • Tommy St Patrick Ghost

    The interviewer became the house. She took over the show.

  • Motswaps Visuals
    Motswaps Visuals 3 anos atrás

    He is actually a nice person

  • AndreX BX
    AndreX BX 2 anos atrás

    my question is what happens to these massive houses when they move and their stuff in it

  • King Kong
    King Kong 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku scored a hat trick after this interview

  • Newton Munene Kaibiria
    Newton Munene Kaibiria 3 anos atrás +1

    ROM the Man👊👊👊

  • Lawrence Samuels
    Lawrence Samuels 3 anos atrás +1059

    When u can say u ain't been somewhere in your house for awhile lol

    • NewWorldOrderFAIL
      NewWorldOrderFAIL 3 anos atrás +15

      If u stay in your bedroom all day, then you pretty much can

    • Nicht Ich
      Nicht Ich 3 anos atrás +10

      Lawrence Samuels can’t say that about my bathroom....

    • Thorney
      Thorney 3 anos atrás +10

      More like he hasn't been home in a while smh

  • Allison Ghiglia
    Allison Ghiglia 2 anos atrás

    Watch him every time he plays

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 3 anos atrás

    the poeple whoe designed lukakus house are 100% the people who also designed/built the sidemens house for sure... the doors and walls and just everything just looked to similar

  • Neba
    Neba 3 anos atrás +2

    Daaaamn this Taylor is serious 🔥🔥

  • Arush Chauhan
    Arush Chauhan 2 anos atrás +1024

    The girl looks like a female Marcus Rashford 😂

    • Nathan
      Nathan  Mês atrás

      FRRR lmao

    • swansmeister
      swansmeister Anos atrás

      fo realz!

      LARYSON Anos atrás

      i would never hit marcus,the chick on the other hand...

    • Pendu
      Pendu Anos atrás


    • BJS _
      BJS _ Anos atrás

      Nah yall fucked up for that😂

  • McMahon143
    McMahon143 3 anos atrás +504

    Whose watching after his two goals against PSG😍

    • Zayaan Bawany
      Zayaan Bawany 3 anos atrás


    • Junrrr
      Junrrr 3 anos atrás +1

      @Suge Knight Fuck You , you killed Tupac, Go back to your jail cell.

    • T. S
      T. S 3 anos atrás

      Shut up you stink

    • esckay 4fun
      esckay 4fun 3 anos atrás

      Me 3.

    • Spotted XYZ
      Spotted XYZ 3 anos atrás


  • MariNate
    MariNate 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku was blowed af during this interview lmao

  • Miche Sol
    Miche Sol 2 anos atrás

    Lukaku mr le but attaquant formidable, réjouis de ta richesse suis très content de ta réussite. Oleki bango

  • Ilijan Smokovski
    Ilijan Smokovski Anos atrás

    Bro imagine how many bullets Mourinho must have sweat during watching this when Lukaku said he plays as Real Madrid on FIFA.

  • E.Ö
    E.Ö 2 anos atrás +43

    He played her like that piano after the interview 😂😂😂

  • Joy Talane
    Joy Talane 2 anos atrás +1

    Loooove him 😭✨

  • Cawaro Music
    Cawaro Music 3 anos atrás +16

    Like him or not ,he was amazing against PSG in CL
    And yea...he probably smashed her ;)

  • Danilo Moura
    Danilo Moura 2 anos atrás +1

    He has a good house

  • XEdgeRenegade666
    XEdgeRenegade666 3 anos atrás

    Real Madrid fans would love to welcome Lukaku any day

  • Fajar Arafat
    Fajar Arafat 3 anos atrás +11

    To be honest, cant wait for another player house tour

    STUPID FREAK 2 anos atrás

    The fact that this mans speak 7 languages is amazing

  • Redooo
    Redooo 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku playes good matches and now house vieuw because he is inform. Everything for the streams!

  • L. A
    L. A 3 anos atrás

    I Play with Real Madrid
    he knows what's best✌🏽

  • Martyn
    Martyn 3 anos atrás

    Beautiful house.

  • Mimshaq Love
    Mimshaq Love 3 anos atrás

    So his dream move is Madrid😂hmm, kop fan here but hope you red devils have noted that. When he is on form he is worth that Real move lol

  • Endre Ugelstad Aas
    Endre Ugelstad Aas 3 anos atrás

    I kinda feel a bit sorry for him if Lingard is the last friend he had over for ping-pong and that was last year....

    JRMARCH Anos atrás

    Lukaku 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yaro Sketches
    Yaro Sketches 2 anos atrás

    Lukaku living the life....but why is he acting all shy like he likes the lady or something...🤣🤣🤣

  • Jesse
    Jesse Anos atrás

    I wish he had a room dedicated to Everton :;

  • Mubinur Rahman
    Mubinur Rahman 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku for ballon d’or

  • yuf jay
    yuf jay 2 anos atrás +4

    Uno degli attaccanti più forti e in forma attualmente in Europa.

    • Vegas Benz
      Vegas Benz 2 anos atrás

      Vwdi che c'è vicino al libro di Ferguson?

  • Biniam Gaming
    Biniam Gaming 3 anos atrás

    Humble man

  • Abdul Clutch
    Abdul Clutch 3 anos atrás +3202

    Lukuka tryna get back at rashford by getting with his sister 🤔😑😔

    • sheikhamadou Jobe
      sheikhamadou Jobe 10 meses atrás

      😂😅🤣 I’m gonna rewatch this vid.🤣

    • Lucas
      Lucas Anos atrás

      Ayoooooo lmfaooooo

    • andreas P
      andreas P 2 anos atrás +1

      deadass in the middle of the video I thought shit that looks like rashford.

    • Malcolm Neme
      Malcolm Neme 2 anos atrás +1


    • Passolona
      Passolona 2 anos atrás +1

      Its lukaku racist fuck

  • Swber Plays
    Swber Plays 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku does the best defence he stops the attak

  • Jefftum
    Jefftum 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku i like he smart and happy he understand 7 languages

  • NbTwoTimes
    NbTwoTimes 3 anos atrás +1

    But his house isn’t bigger than his first touch

  • Aanu Olanrewaju Agoro
    Aanu Olanrewaju Agoro 3 anos atrás

    Wow what a massive house

  • watchkev
    watchkev 3 anos atrás

    Yup, Lukaku “Scored a Hat Trick” on her big time!

  • Filip
    Filip Anos atrás +3

    This is recommended for me in 2021 , during Euro 2020
    ( After Belgium - Portugal 1-0 Thorgan Hazard💖 )
    Big up everyone

  • Muhammed Shabeel PP
    Muhammed Shabeel PP 3 anos atrás

    Finally i found Alexis Sanchez in Lukaku's home 😆😆

  • Nicholas Bentil
    Nicholas Bentil 2 anos atrás

    Soooo humble

  • Pepeh
    Pepeh 3 anos atrás +1

    Lukaku ft. Pogba on a song could be really really interesting

  • Spanish montana
    Spanish montana 2 anos atrás

    She wasn't happy when she saw the cheff like it's her house 😆

  • Kestan Devil
    Kestan Devil 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku is a smart man

  • GoGambit
    GoGambit 3 anos atrás

    One day he will play for PSG

  • Virtual Humanoid
    Virtual Humanoid 3 anos atrás +589

    Romelu went Lukaku with her after the interview 😂

    • amir amane
      amir amane 2 anos atrás

      @EVENEZER ABRAHAM :) Romelo is the man

      EVENEZER ABRAHAM 2 anos atrás

      Ohhhmg bro why you literally killed me with that

    • amir amane
      amir amane 2 anos atrás

      shw can get this bbc :)

    • slime slatt slatt
      slime slatt slatt 2 anos atrás

      Virtual Humanoid 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • E k
      E k 3 anos atrás +10

      😂 😂 😂

  • Connor Mcqueen
    Connor Mcqueen 3 anos atrás

    I would do my house tour but it would take 30 seconds

  • Chandra Gajmer
    Chandra Gajmer 3 anos atrás

    Lukaku speaks 7 different languages 🤨

  • VGXR
    VGXR 2 anos atrás

    This was he when was Man U and already spoke 7 languages . Is Italian one of them? He came to Inter and already in 6 months speaks great Italian. So that is 8 now?